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My name is Chuck Goode and I am running for County Commissioner because I think we are facing a growth crisis where we could lose our desirable quality of life in Washington County.

We are the fastest growing county in the nation. We have promised to manage this growth for years. Now that we are in crisis and about to have our water shut off and our power shut off, we must take drastic action. We can be the nation's leader in developing a new approach to building county infrastructure.

Washington County is facing a crisis of population growth which is outpacing our infrastructure - especially in these areas: Housing, Energy, Water, and Transportation.


All new housing in Washington County needs to be affordable and sustainable. We need a radical change in how we build homes. The average home price in St George is $569,000. That's more than Salt Lake City at $519,000. We can cut that cost in half. See SOURCE HERE

As your commissioner, I will recommend that all new development must achieve the following:


  • Use cheaper synthetic building materials and use robotic building techniques.
  • All home energy needs come from renewable sources such as solar tiles.
  • All homes needs to have energy storage for up to 3 days - that is, be off the grid.
  • All county homes need to have satellite internet access available for education and remote work. 


  • All homes need to conserve water by recycling drinking & washing water. See SOURCE HERE
  • All homes need to have atmospheric water generators for drinking and washing water usage. See SOURCE HERE
  • All homes need to collect rain water for use in emergencies or for home gardens. See SOURCE HERE
  • Watch this PBS Special (Only 10 min.)


  • We need to establish a transit system for our county. Building more roads will not help.
  • The SGU Airport to Zion backbone needs to be used for the systematic expansion of Suntran into a point-to-point transit service by drivers (and then driverless) electric vehicles. See SOURCE HERE
  •  We need to establish several Park & Share locations around the county for parking, charging and maintaining electric vehicles. 
  •  A county-wide computer system for scheduling rides, synchronizing traffic lights, avoiding traffic jams at special events and providing surveillance for law enforcement is needed.


  • Our greatest need for saving water is on our farms, alfalfa fields and ranches. See SOURCE HERE
  • We must measure our secondary water usage and install meters that permit regulating water usage. 
  • We must install soil moisture sensors to determine when irrigation water is needed and stop waste by over-watering and leaks.
  • These metering devices would be connected to the internet for properly managing water usage. 


These new requirements are drastic, but they would result in the many benefits:

  1. We can address our multi-decade drought by conserving water for long term sustainability.
  2.  We can address our energy needs in case we lose hydroelectric power and we can provide security against power outages because we are off the grid.
  3. We can boost our economy and provide jobs for those who have been displaced.
  4. We can bring more high technology jobs which are high paying and non-polluting to our county.
  5. We can bring internet to our remote parts of the county for better health care and education. 
  6. We finally address climate change and maybe avoid further air, noise and light pollution. 
  7.  We get to keep our quality of life in our fast growing county environment.


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