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In 2022, the Utah Legislature passed House Bill 462 requiring cities and counties to update their affordable housing element of the general plan. Housing is considered affordable when households of various incomes, spend no more than 30% of their gross monthly income on housing expenses. In this plan, housing needs are considered for households earning a moderate income or less (80% Area Median Income or less). The intent of this attainable housing plan is to ensure that Washington County provides a reasonable opportunity for a variety of housing, including low to moderate income housing for its residents. Low to moderate income housing should be encouraged to allow persons earning less than 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) to fully participate in, and benefit from, all aspects of neighborhood and community life.

The following six (6) strategies from the moderate-income housing strategies list in Utah H.B. 462 are identified to assist Washington County in meeting its moderate-income housing goals.

Strategy B: Demonstrate investment in the rehabilitation or expansion of infrastructure that facilitates the construction of moderate income housing;

Strategy G: Amend land use regulations to allow for higher density or new moderate income residential development in commercial or mixed-use zones near major transit investment corridors; 

Strategy J: Implement zoning incentives for moderate income units in new developments; 

Strategy L: Reduce, waive, or eliminate impact fees related to moderate income housing;

Strategy M: Demonstrate creation of, or participation in, a community land trust program for moderate income housing;

Strategy N: Implement a mortgage assistance program 

These strategies have not been implemented. But this is actually a good set of strategies to finally overcome our lack of low income housing in Washington County. As your Commissioner, I would strive to immediately advocate for bringing these strategies to reality.

Chuck Goode


Committee to Elect Chuck Goode
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