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Meet Chuck

Chuck Goode - Background, Values & Vision

After my long career in software engineering and design, my wife and I moved to St George. We love the breathtaking scenery, the beautiful people, and the pastoral quality of life here. St George has been known for years as the fastest growing city in the fastest growing county in America. I believe that the time has come to manage this growth in a way that sustains our quality of life, protects our precious environment and enhances our tourist industry. If we kill the golden goose, there will be no more golden eggs.

I am ready to share my experience in technology to help move St George into the next more sustainable phase of growth. Our unbridled development has led us into a city of urban sprawl, unbearable traffic and an unsustainable economy. The technology needed to solve these problems already exists, but we must proactively adopt these new technologies in a long-term strategy of managed growth. As one of the fastest growing cities, my vision is for St George to become a model for other cities to follow. This involves an aggressive change in how we generate energy, conserve water, build homes, direct traffic, care for each other and use our land. Our progeny will thank us.

I am in touch with the majority of the Utahns who are enraged by the constant revision of initiatives that were passed by the voters. When I am in the Utah Senate, we will listen to the people, not the lobbyists.

I ask for your vote on Nov 3rd.

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